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The Paid 2 Save Mobile App

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250,000 Locations

Savings that cover the entire country.

The App Spreads Virally

Three Simple Steps

The method in which the Paid 2 Save App spreads seperates us from the rest. Every connector that joins your network is a potential income source!

Share the Mobile App

Give a person your code to download the app, and they are tied to you!

Your Connector just got $50 Travel Dollars

For simply downloading the app. No obligations!

They Share the App to Continue getting $50 Travel Dollars

For every 3 people your connector gives the app to, that connector receives $50 Travel Dollars.

Every time you give the App away, you are also giving away $50 Travel Dollars

Traveling the world for Less

Travel Dollars + The Travel Dollar System

We bring the ability to slash prices of travel you want to take! Travel Dollars can be applied to your cost, drastically reducing the amount you pay.

Travel Dollars

These Travel Dollars apply directly to the overall cost of your trip, directly saving you money.

The Travel Dollar System

The Travel Dollar System is the portal that accepts these Travel Dollars. The system tracks who's the referrer of the guest, tracking commission payouts!

Ultimate Travel Club

This is the Club that powers your business opportunity. Not only do you get access to your own Travel Dollar System, you can gain access to savings on a variety of different services.

You Save Every Month

The Ultimate Fun Club

This is the flagship savings club that Paid 2 Save Network has to offer.

Gain access to the lowest rates available on the web.
Book movie tickets, theme parks, golf, shows, etc.. from 35% to 50% off.
$100 a month is added to your Dining & Shopping Dollars account. These dollars accumulate each month. Save big on dining, shopping, gift cards and much more!
The ultimate tool to build your mobile app customer base. Every customer that downloads the Paid 2 Save mobile app receives $50 Travel dollars on your behalf.​​ ​You have access to unlimited travel dollars for everyone that downloads the Paid 2 Save mobile. Customers can earn more travel dollars as they share the mobile app. Even your customers that share with there friends all receive travel dollars. There is no limit to the amount of travel dollars that can be dispersed. Travel Dollars are linked to you. As your customers are saving money on travel you are making money on every travel booking.

Full Time Income at part-time Effort


The Paid 2 Save compensation is based on the sales of our retail services. It is simple to explain and easy to understand. It is very lucrative for those who "Take Action". The plan allows for people to be paid weekly. There are multiple ways to create income allowing members to generate immediate and long term income.

G4 Bonus Program

Get Four and Yours is Free!

This referral program allows a representative to refer four people and receive their Ultimate Fun Club membership for free each month.

How to Qualify

  • You must be on an Ultimate Fun Club auto ship.
  • Refer four people who purchase an Ultimate Fun Club membership on monthly auto ship.
  • The following month your Ultimate Fun Club membership is free.
  • To maintain the G4 bonus, you must have four (4) people purchasing an Ultimate Fun Club membership the previous month.

21 Day Fast Start Bonus

$200 Fast Start Bonus

To qualify for this bonus:

  1. Enroll with a Business Builder Pack.
  2. Enroll 4 Brand Partners with Business Builder Packs.
  3. Must complete within your first 21 days of enrollment.
  4. Bonus is paid in the month following qualification and is paid with your residual pay on the 15th.

P2SN National Bonus pool

Personally enroll 2 Brand Partners in any pay period (Monday through Sunday) and you will qualify for 1 share of the National Bonus Pool. Earn additional shares for each 2 Brand Partners you enroll in that same time period.

Leadership Bonus

Coded Residual

Commissions on Travel Dollars

Vacation Bonus


Get in Business

Please select one of the two options below as your business starter kit. This is a one time order. To qualify for leadership income you must retail one of the following packs.

  • The Best Pack to Start Your Business

    Business Builder Pack

    • 30 x $200 Travel Dollars
      That's $6,000 Travel Dollars!
    • $200 Dining and Savings Dollars
    • 1 Month of the Ultimate FUN Club
    • Fast Track to Brand Manager*
  • Ultimate FUN Club

    $ 49.99 /mo

    • Travel Portal
    • Entertainment Portal
    • $100 Dining and Savings Dollars
    • Travel Dollar System
The Travel Pack / Brand Associate Contact Your Sponsor to Enroll

*Fast Track 2 Brand Manager Promotion - Recruit 3 people and advance to the level of Brand Manager on Leadership Bonuses when you purchase a “Business Builder Pack.”